Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Set Location in "Regional and Language Options" control panel applet

Having done my share of unattended XP builds for various, invariably one of the items that I am asked is how to change the Country under the Location Tab found in the "Regional and Language options" Control Panel applet.

Originally, this took some finding as it is doesn't appear to be a supported entry for sysprep.inf or unattend.txt.

HKU\.Default\Control Panel\International\Geo
HKCU\Control Panel\International\Geo
Value: Nation
Type: REG_SZ
Data: "12"

(0xC) 12 is the code for Australia.

Tip: To set this in an unattended build, set the HKU\.Default\Control Panel\International\GEO value, as SysPrep does not apply this setting to all users when the HKCU setting is configured.

A complete list of nation codes can be found at

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