Friday, May 23, 2008

MDT 2008 Storage Drivers - 0x0000007B error

I have been testing the MDT 2008 capability to automatically insert mass storage drivers into the unattend.txt and sysprep.inf, and have found that the implementation of the feature does not appear to be working as expected.

The two scripts ZTIStorageDrivers.wsf and ZTIStorageDriversSysprep.wsf seem to enumerate the driver database correctly and make modifications to the appropriate unttend build file (unattend.txt / sysprep.inf), but upon reboot the workstation fails with the 0x0000007B error.

After a number of attempts to get the feature to work it was evident that something was fundamentally wrong with the process. A google search for ZTIStorageDrivers.wsf uncovered a blog post by Michael Niehaus, who is reportedly involved with the MS deployment team.

After following the tip for including the HDC class into the ZTIStorageDriversSysprep.wsf script, the script failed with the same error (32811) as the blog respondent received.

It would seem that until Microsoft release a fix for the bug, we should continue with the practice of hand-crafting the txtsetup.oem / sysprep.inf files.

Once a working hot fix is released I see great benefit in adopting the mechanism to reduce the turnaround time in delivering support for new hardware with new mass storage drivers.


arrtside said...

Hi There.I have also been using MDT 2008 (From the original BDD release) and I have had similar issues to what describe here. My probles with driver injection are mainly around the winPE stage for loading NIC drivers for new model PC's. It is a but buggy to say the least, but what I found to have the most success is injecting the required driver using wsim after loading the boot.wim and creating a catalogue file for it. MDT and wsim seem to work in conjunction, so not sure if you have tryed that combo? I've got some similar info on my blog if you choose to check it out. Cheers, Peter

CmB said...

Hi Peter, I must say that my experience with NIC drivers and WinPE have been fairly successful. The process I have followed is to add the NIC driver to the "Out-of-Box Drivers" part of the console and then regenerate the WinPE disk.

With my configuration, the important part of the process was to ensure that the Windows PE tab had the "include Network drivers" option selected in the deployment point properties.

I took a quick look at your blog and you have some good stuff there! Thanks, Chris.